Entering Scores

Speed keys allow you to enter scores quickly without many key strokes. These keys allow you to use the numeric pad exclusively and save data entry time.

To add a score:

  1. Highlight the golfer in golfer list. To quickly highlight a golfer, type his\her ID Number or last name.

  2. Click the Add Score button, or press one of the following keys:

    +   (Plus key) to add a score (cursor ready in the adjusted gross score box).

    *    (Star key) to add a score (cursor ready in the course box).

    .    (Period key) key to edit golfer's index (cursor ready in the index box).

    F9   key to add two 9 hole scores to form an 18 hole score (18 hole handicaps only).

  3. After you have entered the golfer's adjusted gross and are still positioned in the Adjusted Gross Score box, the following speed keys are available:

    Enter save current score, ready to select next golfer.

    +   (Plus key) save current score, return to adjusted gross score box ready to add another score.

    *   (Star key) save current score, return to Course box ready to add another score.

    -    (Minus key) abort score entry and return to the Golfer List.

    /   (Slash key) or "T" toggles tournament\regular score.

    .   (Period key) or "S" opens the score card for hole by hole entry.

Example: I have five scores to add for SMITH and one for JONES (both played the same course, tees, dates) 

To add scores:    

Type SM --- to move to SMITH.

Type +  --- add scores window appears

Type each score and press +.  Type Enter when finished adding the 5th score.

Type JO --- to move to JONES.

Type +  --- add scores window appears.

Type the score and press Enter.