Create and Load a Roster

You can maintain any number of rosters to track golfers, scores, handicaps, addresses, etc.  To create a new roster:

  1. Click the Roster menu and select Create New Roster.

  2. The Rosters form will appear. Click the New Roster button and type the name of your new roster in the Roster Name box and click OK

  3. The What kind of roster? box will appear.  If you are tracking eighteen hole handicaps, type in 18.  If you are tracking nine hole handicaps, type in 9.  If you track both eighteen and nine hole handicaps you must create a separate roster for eighteen and another roster for nine hole handicapping.  HS calculates eighteen and nine hole handicaps differently, so 9\18 hole scores cannot be mixed together. Note: Nine hole scores can be combined to form an eighteen hole score in an 18 hole roster.

  4. To load your new roster, double-click the roster in the Roster list.