Calculating handicaps

To calculate a new handicap, click , or click Tools menu and select Calculate Handicaps. This window appears:

Calculate Current Handicap

Type in the Revision Date (current date is the default). The revision date is very important! HS uses only scores with dates on or before the revision date for handicap calculations.

Type in the Previous Revision date (the last revision date is the default). This date is used in reports to indicate how many scores a golfer has had since the last revision.

Click Calculate Handicaps for all golfers to calculate handicaps.      

Click Calculate Handicaps for "golfer's name" only to calculate a handicap for only the highlighted golfer.

Calculate History Handicap

History handicaps are used in the Most Improved Golfer Report as the comparison handicap.  In other words, a history handicap is the old handicap being compared to the current handicap.

Type in the History Date.  HS uses only scores with dates on or before the history date to calculate the history handicap.