Player Access

Two items you need for logging into your account

You need to receive from your golf group administrator these three items in order to log in to your account:

  1. GSID Number (Golf Software ID#). This is a number made of your group number (5-digit), a dash ("-") and your Player Number. Your GSID Number will look like this: 12345-45.
  2. Password - the administrator will provide you the default password created by the Handicap System. You have the ability, once you log in to your account, to change this password to something you prefer.
  3. Find out what your portal address is from your handicap committee or handicap chair (which is in the form "" with "_____" being your golf group's name).

Ways to log in to your account

There are potentially 2 ways to access your player account:

  1. Go to your group's portal
  2. Go to

Access through your golf group's portal

  1. Go to your group's portal address using the browser on any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.) including Macs, iPads and iPhones. You can automate this by learning How can I create an App icon on my smartphone or tablet for our golf group portal?
  2. Click/tap on the "Sign in" button.

Access through

Golfers can go to and log in to see their handicap related information as well as post scores. The administrator will need to provide players with their GSID# (Golf Software ID#) and password. Without the password, players can view their scores, Index and handicap, but players cannot enter any scores.

At the website players click on the "Golfers" button at the top right of the web page.

Players will see one or both of the login screens below depending on how the Administrator set it up. Golfer Sign In allows viewing and posting scores (posting, if set to allow by Administrator). Lookup Golfers(s) allows viewing of scores and handicaps for all golfers in your group.


Access through the website provided your group by

Players can also access their information through the "My Account" button on your group website provided as part of the Handicap System. Look for the button near the top right corner of the website.

This is an optional button, so your golf group's administrator must have made this button available for players.

Access through your golf group's own website

If your golf group has your own website, rather than one provided by, then there may be a link or button on your group's website that takes you to the login screen