Sort the Player List in a Roster

Using the Player Sorting Feature

You can sort players using up to three of the 30-plus player data items (from ID number through "Misc Curr5" in the 3 "sort by" boxes picture below).

  1. While in the Players list for a Roster, click on the "Sort" button (image below).

  2. The Sort window has three levels of sorting (see image below): First sort by..., Next sort by... (middle) and Next sort by... (right). Each of these three levels can be sorted first to last (i.e., A to Z, 1 to 9) or last to first (i.e., Z to A, 9 to 1). Each of the "sort by" boxes (left, middle and right) allows you to select one of the 30-plus player data items. Most of the time, sorting on the First sort by... (left box) will probably accomplish what you need. If the View you are using happens to have the column(s) matching the player item(s) you are using for your sort, you can check your sort by looking at that column in your sort result (see green line below). In the image below, the bottom portion has been pre-sorted on the last name.

    Note: Printed telephone books (disappearing in this day and time) as well as dictionaries use the concept of first sort by, next sort by... In a phone book, for instance, you first find the last name (First sort by...) and then within the list of the same last name, you look for the first name (Next sort by...). You might still come up with, for example, many James Johnsons. In this case their middle name (third "sort by") or initial comes into play so that James A. Johnson would be listed before James H. Johnson.

Note: Other places in this application allow you to sort by clicking on the column title. The Players list window requires that you click on the Sort button and use the one or more of the 3 levels of sorting.