Roster Settings

In Handicap System, activate the Options Menu by placing your pointer inside the area marked below in orange

  1. Click on "Manage / Load" link under "Rosters" section on the Options Menu (pictured above at top)
  2. The Rosters list will appear. Click on a Roster Name link

  3. Within the Roster Settings window, select one of the four Roster tabs

Four tabs in Roster Settings

General Information

The General Information tab allows you to enter the information for...

Calculation Setup

From the Calculation Setup window you can...

Course Handicaps

Select which course\tees will be used for calculating the "Course Handicap". According to the USGA, a golfer does not play off his USGA Index. Rather, he converts the USGA Handicap Index to a Course Handicap and plays off the Course Handicap. The formula for conversion is Course Handicap = Index  X  (Slope of course / 113).  That is, the Course Handicap equals the golfer's index times the slope of the course and tees being played divided by 113.

The 1. (top) course on this form is listed as the Course Handicap on all views and reports (see circled "Hcp Blue" in the image below). You can also set and display course handicaps for up to 5 additional course\tee boxes. These Additional Course Handicaps can be displayed on any custom list view or custom report.

Example: Set the 5 (or fewer) Additional course values to whatever course and tee you choose. Click the View drop down menu and select Standard Views tab. Load the Many Course Handicaps view. You will see up to 6 handicaps for each golfer on the screen.

Player Portal

From the Player Portal tab the administrator can designate...