Roster Screen

Items on a Roster's player list

Figure: The below image is a sample screen showing the list of players in a Roster.

The following list corresponds to the orange circles with numbers in the image above:

  1. Options Menu activation zone (transparent orange rectangular area)
  2. Indicates the part of the program you are in currently
  3. Shows which Roster you are in currently
  4. Links to program Home page
  5. Links to the currently logged in administrator, log out
  6. Links to Help resources
  7. Add player (used in many screens to add a new item, player, etc.)
  8. The "Refresh" button
  9. The "File" button allows you to import and export data
  10. The "Sort" button allows you to sort the current screen
  11. The "Tools" button provides access to the handicap calculation setup screen as well as to the Recycle Bin where deleted golfers are stored and can be retrieved
  12. Change the information that is displayed by selecting a different View
  13. You can select to go the first page, the previous page, a specific page, the next page, or the last page by clicking on one of the mini icons
  14. Up to 100 players can be displayed per page.
  15. Shows how many players in the currently-displayed Roster
  16. This is the column header row. The columns will be different according to the View you have selected
  17. This is the search box row. Enter information into one of the boxes to find a match. For example, if you type "smith" into the Name box, the program will find all golfers with the last name of "smith"
  18. This is the player list area