Player Access

Access through

Golfers can go to and log in to see their handicap related information as well as post scores. The administrator will need to provide them with their GSID# (Golf Software ID#) and password. Without the password, players can view their scores, Index and handicap, but players cannot enter any scores.

GSID: This is simply your (CUSTOMER# - MEMBERíS ID#). For example, if your customer or club number is 12345 and a memberís ID# is 101, then his/her GSID is 12345-101.

Password: This is by default the memberís last name and can be changed at any time by the Administrator or player.

At the website players click on the "Golfers" button at the top right of the web page.

Players will see the login screens below. Golfer Sign In allows viewing and posting scores (posting, if set to allow by Administrator). Lookup Golfers(s) allows viewing of scores and handicaps for all golfers in your group.


Tip: To quickly see all membersí GSID's, see the view called (Website Info). Please see Finding list of Views.

Access through the website we provide you

Members can also access their information through the "My Account" button on your group website provided as part of Handicap System.

This is an optional button, so you must make sure the box is checked to show the button. Please see Step 4 of Create Your Website Look and Feel.

Access through your own website

If you wish to place a link on your own website for player access, please include the following address: