Import Overview

When you start to use Handicap System, you have a choice of entering data manually or importing. You can import player information as well as scores.

Two file formats for import

You can import two types of file formats:

  1. ASCII "plain text" files with .txt file extension
  2. Files with .csv (comma separated values) file extention

Microsoft Excel can save files in either of these formats.

Player data - one row, one player

Make sure that your import file contains one player per row of data (see below). If one player's data occupies more than one row, you cannot import correctly (unless it is player scores you are importing). CSV files (Comma Separated Values) and text files (ASCII) work best. Text files are commonly tab delimited between fields/columns.

"Field1","Field2","Field3","Field4","Field5",...etc... Record 1

"Field1","Field2","Field3","Field4","Field5",...etc... Record 2






Score data - one row, one score

The minimum information required when importing scores includes: Player ID#, date, Adjusted Gross Score, Course Rating, and Course Slope. Additional fields can include: Player name, Course, Tee, and Score Type. Each score in the import file must be on one row.


Player ID#, Name, Date, Course, Tee, Adjusted Gross Score, Course Rating, Course Slope

101, Doe, John, 3/2/2014, Pebble Beach, Blue, 87, 71.9, 138

101, Doe, John, 3/22/2014, Pinehurst #2, White, 85, 71.4, 132

102, Smith, George, 3/5/2014, , Blue, 89, 71.1, 128

102, Smith, George, 3/18/2014, , White, 86, 70.9, 126