Handicap Calculation Overview

The handicapping feature of Handicap System calculates three types of handicaps for 9 or 18 holes:  

You can switch calculation modes at any time. For example, your club may issue USGA handicaps to its membership, but for local tournaments use a custom handicap that is based only on scores shot in tournament play. Note that you can have only one Handicap Mode selected for a Roster at any given moment. However, you may switch between Handicap Modes at any time for a Roster. These modes do not affect any of your posted data. Only the calculation used changes when you change the Handicap Mode.

Official handicap what makes a golf handicap an official golf handicap?

Some folks assume some software or a service provides an "official" USGA Handicap. However, it is the issuing organization which makes a handicap official or not. Please see Official handicap what makes a golf handicap an official golf handicap?

USGA Handicap Revision Schedule

In 2012, the USGA established the National Revision Schedule which requires all domestic golf clubs to revise Indexes on the 1st and the 15th of each month. This schedule should used if calculating a USGA handicap.  All scores played at a course or in a region when the "active season" is in effect must be posted. The governing golf association for a region designates the dates for the active season and inactive season.

RCGA Handicap Revision Schedule

The RCGA does not have a Factor revision schedule. Each player's Factor is revised after a round is posted. Therefore it's important to post scores before the next round is played.

Custom Handicap Revision Schedule

With a Custom handicap, your organization sets its own revision schedule.