Transfer Scores TO Handicap System

Who should use this transfer feature?

This transfer feature is for you if your golf group has a subscription to Handicap System and has Tournament Manager Desktop Edition installed on a computer. Use this transfer if...

Steps to transfer player scores from a tournament in Tournament Manager to Handicap System

  1. In Tournament Manager, display the tournament from which you wish to transfer scores to Handicap System

  1. From the Internet menu in Tournament Manager, select the next-to-the-bottom option, "Transfer scores TO GolfSoftware (Online)"

  2. Type in your password

  3. Select the tournament from which to transfer scores from the drop down menu (Tournament to transfer from...)

  4. Click on the button labeled "View scores to copy"

  5. Review the scores with a red check mark. You can uncheck all scores (button at bottom "UNCheck All Scores"), put a check next to all scores that can be copied (no duplicate ID number) (button left bottom) or click on the button labeled ">> Copy x scores >>"

  6. You will receive a message stating "x scores copied". Click on the OK button and select another set of scores to transfer, or click on the "Close" button