Transfer Players TO Handicap System

Who should use this transfer feature?

This transfer feature is for you if your golf group has a subscription to Handicap System and has Tournament Manager Desktop Edition installed on a computer. Use this transfer if...

Steps to transfer player information from Tournament Manager to Handicap System

  1. From the Internet in Tournament Manager, select the bottom option, "Transfer players TO GolfSoftware (Online)"

  2. Type in your password

  3. The window, "Copy players from TM to GolfSoftware (Online System)" will show on your screen. The middle "Copy to >>" column will have red check marks for the players whose information will be transferred. Those players from Tournament Manager who have an identical ID# as existing players in any roster within Handicap System will not be transferred. If you are satisfied with the information on this window and the players it indicates will be transferred, click on the button at the top labeled ">> Copy 6 players >>". Your button will most likely have a different number than "6".

  4. You will receive the "Players Transferred" when the transfer is completed. The message will tell you how many of your Tournament Manager golfers were transferred to Handicap System. Click the OK button.