Transfer Players / Handicaps FROM Handicap System

Who should use this transfer feature?

This transfer feature is for you if your golf group has a subscription to Handicap System and has Tournament Manager Desktop Edition installed on a computer. Use this transfer if...

Steps to transfer player handicaps from Handicap System to Tournament Manager

The transfer of golfer and handicap data is from a roster (you select) in Handicap System to a roster (you select) in Tournament Manager. You will also have the option to transfer the updated handicaps directly into the tournament which is the one you are currently viewing in Tournament Manager. You can always update handicaps for a selected tournament from the Tools menu of Tournament Manager after you transfer the updated handicaps to a roster.

  1. In Tournament Manager, display the tournament to which you wish to transfer handicap from Handicap System

  1. From the Internet menu in Tournament Manager, select the third-from-the-bottom option, "Transfer players FROM GolfSoftware (Online)"

  2. Type in your password

  3. Select the roster (A) in Handicap System FROM WHICH to transfer player information and/or handicaps and a roster (B) in Tournament Manager TO WHICH you want to transfer this information. Select one, some or all players (C) for which you want to transfer data. If you want to convert an 18-hole handicap to a 9-hole handicap (D), put a check mark in the box. When ready, click the button labeled ">> Copy x players >>"

  4. By typing "yes" into the "Update Handicaps?" box, you can update the handicaps in the active tournament (the one which you are currently viewing). You can always update the handicaps from the Tools menu in Tournament Manager after you do the transfer.

  5. When transfer is complete, you will receive a notice similar to the one pictured below. Click the OK button.