Export a Report

Decide how to provide a report to players

Reports from Handicap System can be provided to your members in a number of ways:

Level of Effort


Easiest and recommended

Saved for display on website we provide you

Somewhat easy

Export and emailed as an attachment using your own email program

Easy, but reports only accessible at posted location(s)

Print and physically posted on bulletin board or wall

Low-tech, but silly in many ways...

Print and distribute to each member

Select a report to export

  1. In Handicap System, activate the Options Menu by placing your pointer inside the area marked below in orange

  2. Click on "Reports" link under "Players" section on the Options Menu (pictured above at top)

  3. Click on the View Report link for the report you want to distribute

  4. Click on the blue button labeled "View Report"

  5. Select Export format and then click on Export link.

    If you select to Export, choose a format that can be accessed by the most people. Typically that will be .pdf or HTML (web page)

Export formats

Handicap System can export Reports to six different formats.

  1. PDF (Acrobat Portable Document Format)

  2. CSV (Comma Delimited)

  3. XLS (Microsoft Excel)

  4. RTF (Rich Text Format)

  5. TIFF (Tagged Image File Format)

Tip: If none of the existing reports has all of the data columns that you would like to export, you can create a custom report that includes all of the columns of data that you would like in the exported file.