Custom Views Overview

Finding list of Views

  1. In Handicap System, activate the Options Menu by placing your pointer inside the area outlined below in orange

  2. Click on "Manage" link under "Players" section on the Options Menu (pictured above at top)

  3. Click on Views drop down menu

Custom Views is a powerful feature that lets you show only the information you wish to view on the screen. Custom Views are laid out in rows and columns. Each row consists of a player, and each column displays a field of information about the player. You can create any number of Custom Views and switch between them at any time. Changing your View does not affect in any way the data you have for each player.  Selecting a different View only changes which subset of the data you see on the screen. For example, above is the Custom View called "Most Recent Score" that shows each of the players' most recent score date, course, tee, rating, slope and score posted. Select a different view (or create one) by clicking on the View drop down menu (circled above).

Views can be exported at any time. Click on the File button (see above) and select an export format. Once exported, you can print. Views are not really intended for printing. That's part of the purpose of a Report. Views can be sorted any way you like (by ID#, alphabetical by name, etc.). Just use the Sort button (see above).