Calculating handicaps

Handicap Calculation and Revision Schedule

  1. In Handicap System, activate the Options Menu by placing your pointer inside the area outlined below in orange.

  2. Click on "Manage / Load" link under "Rosters" section on the Options Menu (pictured above at top)

  3. Select the Roster for which you want to setup handicap calculation parameters by clicking on the Roster name link

  4. On the Roster Settings window, click on the "Calculation Setup" tab

  5. Click on the Calculation Mode drop down menu to select a 9- or 18-hole USGA, RCGA or Custom handicapping mode

  6. Click on the button labeled "Calculate When?" and select one of the four choices for "Automatically calculate handicaps..." If you select the fourth option, "Never...", use the "Calculate Now" button to calculate handicaps whenever you want.

  7. Click on the blue Save button.

Note: When you setup automatic calculation, new handicaps will be calculated at 12:01 AM for your time zone.