Add Score

Add a score

  1. In Handicap System, activate the Options Menu by placing your pointer inside the area outlined below in orange.

  2. Click on "Manage" link under "Players" section on the Options Menu (pictured above at top).

  3. Click on the "+Score" link to the left of the player name for whom you want to add a score.

  4. Select to add a 9- or 18-hole score, enter date, select a course from favorites drop down menu or type in Course name, Rating, Slope, Adjusted Gross Score and select Score type. You may click on the button labeled "More courses..." if it is not on your favorites drop down menu.

  5. Alternatively, you may enter hole by hole scores by selecting the tab labeled "Detailed Entry (Hole by Hole)". Make sure that you select the correct Score type.

  6. When finished entering score information (total or hole by hole), if you have more scores for the same player, click on the button labeled "Save & add another". Click on "Save" button if you have no more scores to enter for this player.

Number of holes

Place a dot next to 18 Hole or 9 Hole score. Two 9-hole scores can be combined to create an 18-hole score.


Type the date, click on the calendar icon and select a date, or accept the default (today's date).

Note: Handicap System always sorts scores by date (newest to oldest, most recent first).  If you enter several scores for a golfer with the same date, Handicap System will maintain the order depending upon the order in which the scores are entered.  If scores have the same date, the last score entered is considered the newest score. This concept can save considerable time when entering batches of scores.  For example, assume you have a golfer with 20 scores to enter.  Instead of entering a date for each score, just enter the scores oldest to newest with the same date.  The proper order will be maintained.  Handicap System uses the most recent scores for handicap calculations. 


Handicap System needs to know the Course and Tee a score was played on, so it can retrieve the correct rating and slope. Ratings and slopes are used to calculate handicaps. You have two choices:

  1. Select a Course from your Favorites list by clicking on the drop down menu (circled below), or

  2. Type in the Course, Tee, Rating and Slope.

Note: If the course is not in your Favorites list, you can click on the button labeled "More courses...", find the course and add it to your Favorites list. If you cannot find the course, you can add it or just type in the information as in option 2 above. To enter hole by hole scores, the course must be selected from the course database.

Adjusted Gross Score

The adjusted gross score is not the actual score a golfer shoots, but his\her score after adjustment. Adjustments are usually made using the USGA \ RCGA Equitable Stroke Control formula so exceptionally bad holes do not disproportionately increase a golfer's handicap. However if you are calculating a custom handicap you can use any type of adjustment procedure, or none at all.

Score Type

Drop the score type box and select the appropriate option.

Note: USGA handicapping gives special consideration to tournament scores. You can also select to use only tournament scores with custom handicapping. Tournament scores have a T posted beside them.

Note: Combining two 9-hole scores into an 18-hole scores is done automatically by the program.