Handicap System Legacy Update

This is a last release of Handicap System Legacy version 2502. If you purchased or upgraded Handicap System in 2018 to 2013 this is the version you purchased. To see which version you have, run Handicap System and select ABOUT on the HELP

Note: Users of Handicap System Legacy versions 2012 and earlier...this release will not run on your computer. This is the final legacy software release. See Handicap System online for future versions.


Download Handicap System

  1. Download Handicap System (HS2018.EXE) onto your computer.

  2. Run HS2018.EXE to install the program.

  3. Run the program, pull down the Help menu and select About... you should see "Version 2502".



Version Legacy (2013-2018)

  • Supports the deprecated Website Builder integration.
    Website Builder has been replaced by online products.