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We've been providing Tournament Management software since 1988! Below is an overview of some features added in the past few years.


Features 2004 2006 2008 2009 2010 2012-2019
Industry-leading tournament management capabilities
Built-in report editor
Now sort by teams and other criteria
Skins highlighting and restricted strokes options
New multiple matches individual and team match pairings options
New flighting options for index, multi-decimal point, and gender flighting
New "Play with All" scheduling to assure everyone plays each other an equal number of times
New report finder to help manage and find reports
Team Results Report Builder - adds flexibility in building complex reports
Additional report and view options making Tournament Manager even more flexible
Integrated "Internet Email" to easily send messages to one or many golfers
Internet Backup/Restore
Context-sensitive help
SignupSolutions integration
Supports Windows 7
Supports Windows 8 and 10
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Tournament Manager 2012-2019

Supports Windows 8, 8.1, and 10




Tournament Manager 2010

Supports Windows 7


Supports EGA Handicap System

Tournament Manager now supports the EGA (European Golf Association) rules for converting an index to a handicap.



Tournament Manager 2009

New SignupSolutions Integration

For those using SignupSolutions: Data from any online signup or registration sheet you create can now be imported with a few clicks of the mouse. SignupSolutions comes with the Birdie or Eagle Package.





Tournament Manager 2008

Integrated "Internet Email"

Internet Email lets you email one, many, or all your golfers with just a few clicks.

  • Templates. Internet Email automatically saves emails as templates for future use. No need to retype emails over and over again.
  • Form Letter Emails. You can build form letter emails, which automatically fill in personal data for each golfer in the mass email.

What Else

  • Track player's birthday and age. Tournament Manager can automatically or manually flight golfers by age.
  • Automatically remove vacant teams. With one click you can now automatically remove blank teams (4-somes, 3-somes, etc) from a tournament.
  • Clone (duplicate) a tournament at any time. Create an exact copy of any tournament at any time. The cloned tournament is an exact copy, including teams, golfers, tee times, scorecards, posted results, etc. Great for groups that split tournaments into "sub" tournaments, need to generate pairings for playing and different pairings for standings, use a standard setup over and over again, etc.
  • Expanded date values. Date values can now range from 1/1/1000 to 1/1/2999
  • Export Points to Handicap System. For those who use Handicap System to calculate point quotas, points can now be transferred from Tournament Manager into Handicap System as scores for calculation of point quotas.
  • Internet Backup/Restore.
    Easily share data across the web and keep it safe. If you are sharing data with other administrators, this can now be done without the need to pass disks and emails back and forth. Simply click "Backup to Internet". The other administrator can click "Restore from Internet" to get the data on his/her machine.

    Plus, backup now automatically stamps the file name with the date and time. No more confusion finding the latest backup. In addition, if you have multiple modules, all modules can be backed up from one screen, with one click.
  • New Context Sensitive Help.  Need help with something? Click the button. Plus, most frequently asked questions are now just a couple clicks away. You also have direct access to the Online Forum (no login required).



Tournament Manager 2006

New Sorting Options

The "Tournament Sheet" (view on the main screen) can now be sorted by teams (previously sorted only by players). You no longer have to go to reports to sort how teams are displayed. Sort by any team criteria - tee time, start hole, team flight, team handicap, team score, etc.


New Skins Options

  • Skins are now highlighted in color.
  • Option to set a maximum allowed handicap for net skins.
  • Option to restrict the number of strokes allowed on par 3,4,5 to any value.
  • Option to highlight "Deuces" on skins report.

(sample skins report)


New m-Match (Many-Matches) feature.

Individual Matches

Lets you build and report ANY number of individual match pairings for each golfer. You can specify matches one by one, or click the "Build All Possible Matches" button and let Tournament Manager build all possible matches for you in seconds. For example, if you had a tournament with 24 golfers the number of possible individual matches is 276 = (23+22+21...+3+2+1)

Team matches

Plus you can build any number of team match pairings. This means each golfer can play as a team with and against any possible combination of other players.

To show results, simply go to the "m-Match" report. Tournament Manager produces a report for each golfer showing all matches (individual and team) with net and gross results.

(sample m-match report)


New Flighting Options

New option to flight golfers based on index or multi-decimal point handicap. You can also automatically flight men and women separately. Plus, if you manually set flight ranges, Tournament Manager automatically saves these ranges from session to session - so re-entry is no longer required.


New "Play with All" scheduling

Tournament Manager does a much better job guaranteeing that each player will play each other an equal number of times while also rotating different tee-times/start holes. You can now adjust the number of events you wish to play across. Quick view lets you see the number of times a player will play each other and number of times a tee-time/start-hole will be played.

(play with all stats)


New Report Finder

The new Report Finder catalogs reports into different categories with a complete description of what each report shows. It's easy to find the report you need. And the "My Favorite" option allows you to select frequently used reports with just one double-click.


New Team Results Report Builder

Now you can specify exactly which scores from which players will be used on which holes. This allows you to build practically any type of team results report in which a golfer plays his/her own ball. The number of types of team reports you can build is literally infinite. Also includes building multi-round team results. Standings can be based on scores (gross and net) or even points.

Several sample reports have already been designed to give you an idea of what can be done:


  • 1 Gross and 1 Net Best Ball - Team's score is based on 1 gross best ball and 1 net best ball from each hole.

  • 123 Net Best Ball Waltz - Team's score is based on one net best ball on hole 1, two net best balls on hole 2, three best balls on hole 3, one net best ball on hole 4, etc...

  • AC Net Best Ball and BD Net Best Ball - Team's score is the total of player 1 and 3's net best ball and player 2 and 4's net best ball.

  • Colored Net Ball -Team's score is based on colored ball and 1 net best ball of other three players. Each player alternates playing the colored ball on each hole. Player 1 plays colored ball first, player 2 plays colored ball on next hole, etc...

  • Low Net Ball and High Net Ball - Team's score is based on low net ball and high net ball on each hole.

  • Net Best Ball Mix - Team's score is based on 1 net best ball from holes 1 to 9, 2 net best ball for holes 10 to 17, and 3 best net balls for hole 18.

  • Pros Ball and Amateurs Gross Best Ball -Team's score is based on the pro's score (player 1 on the team) and the 1 gross best ball of the 3 amateurs.

  • Odd Holes Only - Team's score is based on scores only on odd holes.

These are just samples of what can be done. You have the option of setting up different criteria on 90 different holes! That's different criteria for each hole of a five-round tournament. The possibilities are endless.


You also have complete control of what information appears on the report:


  • Report Range - Report on any range of holes. Up to 90 holes for a 5 round tournament.

  • Report Sort Order - Sort by any value. Team Flights, Front, Back, Totals, Multiple Round Totals. Sort by score and/or points. Includes tie breaking options: USGA tiebreak, Handicap Hole tiebreak, Sequential, Reverse Sequential, etc.

  • Report Header and Body - You have complete control of what appears on the report's header and body. Option to display pars, hole handicaps, totals, hole-by-hole details, team flights, team results (scores and/or points), team positions, itemized player info, player's results (scores and/or points), how strokes are applied, team positions, etc. You even have the option to highlight which player's scores were selected to form the team score.

All these options, but VERY easy to use!

(sample 123 waltz results)


More Reports and Views

  • New Mailing labels and Player Directory which includes only golfers signed up in the active tournament.
  • New Posting Sheet Report and View. Displays Golfer, Score Date, Course played, Score, Rating, and Slope.
  • Optional Quota point results for front, back, and totals...not just totals. Displayed for both individual and team results. Includes the option to also show hole-by-hole points (both gross and/or net).
  • Several new fields can now be included in the "body" of any custom view or custom report: tournament name, tournament date, hole-by-hole gross points and net points, course rating, course slope, tournament ID#, round number, and course number.
  • New team pairing 2 column sheet that collapses team pairings to a concise 2 column sheet format.
  • New "abbreviated" team pairing sheet. Displays all golfers on each team on one line. Each golfer's name can be in a separate column.
  • Net (Handicaps applied) Scramble reports can now be sorted to the 100th decimal place for fractional handicap tiebreaking.
  • Predefined views to show ALL items the program tracks on a roster and/or tournament basis.
  • Plus many more new sample custom reports and views.

What Else

  • Option to print only 1,2,3,4,etc. players per card - even if 4,5,6,7,8 man teams. Any combination.
  • A "quick view drop box" displays which view you are currently looking at. With one double-click you can change from one view to another view.
  • Team names can now automatically be renamed anything you wish....Team #, Group #, Foursome # - anything. Even the player's names on the team can make up the team name.
  • Option to set a maximum allowed handicap for a tournament.
  • Option to import data from other software into a tournament. Works just like the roster data import except the data is imported into the active tournament.
  • Net score is displayed while entering score cards.
  • Option to print Start Time and/or Start Hole on the scorecard, team pairing sheet and labels.
  • A "?" help box on each player's form lets you see exactly how the gross and tournament handicap are calculated.
  • The tee color is now displayed on the player's form so it is easy to see what tee group corresponds to what tee color.
  • For multi-round tournaments, the "team" flight can now be carried forward from round to round.



Tournament Manager 2004

Built-in Editor

New editor lets you edit any report, view, schedule or sheet. Reports and views can be altered, saved, printed, save as HTML, and retrieved later with all changes saved. The editor works just like Microsoft Excel (spreadsheet program). Text can be inserted, deleted, and edited. You can use any font size, style, type, alignment, etc. Rows and columns can be added, deleted, and resized. Pictures and graphics can also be inserted. Background colors and font colors can be customized. Copy, cut, and paste any text. Basically anything you can do in a spreadsheet can be done to a report, view, or sheet.


Example: The schedule was sent to the editor and changed from...


>>to this >>    

(generate schedule)                  (schedule being customized in the editor)