League Manager Version Upgrades



We've been providing League Management software since 1988! Below is an overview of some features added in the past few years.


Features 2004 2005 2007 2009 2010 2012-
Industry-leading league management capabilities
Built-in Website Creation Tool
Built-in report editor
Automatically calculate prize money distribution
New point options for gross or net placement across the field, flight, and league
New custom fields let you track whatever information you'd like
Track player dues
Opposing player scorecard printing
Improved "ghost" substitutions
Handicap change limitation option for more consistent handicaps
New point options for additional flexibility
Improved scheduling that benefits larger and more complex groupings
Full functionality editing in Website Builder, just like Microsoft Word
Integrated "Internet Email" to easily send messages to one or many golfers
Web Backup/Restore
Context-sensitive help
Import ASCII delimited data from other software (import names, scores, etc.)
SignupSolutions integration
Integration with free Google web tools
Website Builder is now the standard tool for building your website. Much improved over the 'discontinued' Website Designer.
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League Manager 2012/ - New Features

New Website Builder Integration

Website Builder is now standard feature. Website Builder is GolfSoftware.com's premier website design and publishing tool. Totally web-based, Website Builder enables you to create high-end websites with advanced features such as password-protected pages, online signup, and dynamic content.



League Manager 2010

Added free Google tools integration to Website Builder

 Google's free tools (Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Groups, Google Picasa, Blogger and YouTube) now integrate directly with Website Builder to enable your golf group to enhance your website.





League Manager 2009

Import Data from other programs

League Manager can now import any type of ASCII text delimited data file. Most software programs and services let you export your data into a text file delimited by a comma, tab, spaces, or semicolon. For example, Microsoft Excel can export any sheet into a CSV (Comma Separated Value) text file, which League Manager can import.  League Manager imports most data it tracks...name, address, phone, handicap, scores, etc...

New SignupSolutions Integration

For those using SignupSolutions: Data from any online signup or registration sheet you create can now be imported with a few clicks of the mouse. SignupSolutions comes with the Birdie or Eagle Package.






League Manager 2007 - New Features

New Website Designer

Website Designer has been completely redesigned to make it more flexible, intuitive, and easy to use.

  • Create web pages using the new Document Page. Works just like Microsoft Word. Formatting (fonts, colors, pictures, tables, etc) can be set to anything you wish. It is a true WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor.


       >>to this in a browser>>    

    Website Designer                                          Browser

    The Document Page also allows you to import existing MS Word files, Rich Text Format files, or simple text files to be published on your website.

  • A List Page can now link to other list pages for deeper page nesting.
  • Use the new Pages Tab to build any number of web pages "off website". Then insert them on the menu to "go live" at any time.
  • Full Online Help.  Now includes full context-sensitive help.

Integrated "Internet Email"

Internet Email lets you email one, many, or all your golfers with just a few clicks.

  • Templates. Internet Email automatically saves emails as templates for future use. No need to retype emails over and over again.
  • Form Letter Emails. You can build form letter emails, which automatically fill in personal data for each golfer in the mass email.

What Else

  • Internet Backup/Restore.
    Easily share data across the web and keep it safe. If you are sharing data with other administrators, this can now be done without the need to pass disks and emails back and forth. Simply click "Backup to Internet". The other administrator can click "Restore from Internet" to get the data on his/her machine.

    Plus, backup now automatically stamps the file name with the date and time. No more confusion finding the latest backup. In addition, if you have multiple modules, all modules can be backed up from one screen, with one click.
  • New Context Sensitive Help.  Need help with something? Click the button. Plus, most frequently asked questions are now just a couple clicks away. You also have direct access to the Online Forum (no login required).


League Manager 2005/2006 - New Features

New Custom Fields

Five new custom data fields let you track any information you want. Name each field anything you like - pager, age, spouses' name, etc. Any of these fields can appear on any custom report or view you create.

Track Player Dues

Option to track membership dues, payment info, due dates, and due comments. The quick dues tool lets you automatically set dues and track this additional information if needed. Predefined dues views and reports are available, plus any dues items can appear on any custom report or view you create.

Score Card Report

New option to group opposing players together on the printed scorecard. For example, you can now show player-to-player:
(team X-player A) -vs.- (team Y-player A) and next on the card
(team X-player B) -vs.- (team Y-player B)

Of course you can still print cards the old way:
(team X-Player A and B) -vs.- (team Y-Player A and B)

Ghost Substitutions

Making ghost substitutions is now easier and more flexible than ever. A ghost substitute can now shoot ANY score and have ANY handicap. No more overriding scorecards! A ghost's score and handicap can be entered right on the main scorecard. As in past versions, a ghost can shoot a set predefined score with a predefined handicap. But now a ghost can also do the following:
  • Manual Draw - You can select any player's score/handicap to use as the ghost's score.
  • Blind Draw - League Manager randomly selects a player's score/handicap to use as the ghost's score.
  • Missing Partner - Ghost shoots the score/handicap of the partner that showed up.
  • Player's average - Ghost shoots the missing player's average score and average handicap. Average can be based on any number of events or range of events.
  • League's average - Ghost shoots the league's average score and average handicap. Average can be based on just the current events scores, or any number/range of past events. You can also select to include ALL golfers or just those in a particular flight(s) for inclusion in calculating the league average.
Plus more flexibility:

  • Penalty strokes can be applied to any ghost "types" listed above. The ghost automatically applies penalty strokes according to handicap holes.
  • To cover ANY "exception to the rule" you always have the option to type in any score and handicap for a ghost right on the scorecard.
  • Ghost substitutes can now be given ANY name you wish. By default, each ghost sub is called "Ghost Sub". But now you can name each ghost sub anything. For example, you could name a blind draw ghost "Blind Draw", a ghost that shoots the leagues' average "League Average", a ghost that shoots the player's average "Player's Average" etc. Or for fun, name one ghost "Tiger Woody", another "Sally Woodsy", etc.

New Handicapping Option

New Handicap Setup option that lets you specify the maximum number of strokes a player's handicap can increase or decrease each time a new handicap is calculated. Great for leagues that have no scoring history or leagues that just have a starting handicap. This option absolutely guarantees that a player's handicap will not fluctuate wildly no matter how few scores are available to establish a "good" handicap. For example, if you specified that handicaps cannot increase by more than 1, then each week a golfer plays his handicap cannot increase by more than 1 stroke.

New Point Options

  • New individual "CROSS MATCH" (most holes won) option. Most leagues that award points for individual match play award match points for only one player versus another one player. But now you have the option to award points for a "cross" match. In other words, a player can play TWO matches (not just one) based on the same score. For example, if you were running a "2 man team" league, you could setup League Manager to award points for "cross match" play where the low and high handicap player from one team play against both low and high handicap players on the opposing team.
  • New option to award different "Show up" points to substitutes. League Manager used to give the same amount of "show up" points to both regulars and substitutes.

Improved Scheduling

  • You can now schedule up to 4 tee-times/start holes per match. Great for leagues with 4 or more players per team.
  • League Manager does a much better job guaranteeing each player/team will rotate different tee-times, start holes, and courses.
  • Quick view lets you see the number of times a player/team will play each other, number of times a tee-time/start-hole will be played, and number of times a course will be played.
  • For leagues that have multiple groups within a league, League Manager now has the option to automatically build pairings within each group. League Manager also optimizes tee-time/start-hole rotations within groups.

What Else

  • Skins reports (5A), event results reports (8A), season totals reports (8B) , season average reports (8C), and ringer reports (12), now display league totals and league average for each hole, gross, net, handicap, and points. This info can be reported for each event, range of events, and/or entire season.
  • Clicking on a player's email address automatically runs your email program, ready to send the email.
  • A league's division names and sponsor name (if any) are now displayed on the load league screen.
  • League Manager now automatically tracks and reports NET double eagles, eagles, birdies, pars, bogeys, double bogeys and triple bogeys. These statistics are tracked for each event, event range, and season totals. Tracks both individual and team totals.
  • Option to turn off League Navigator.
  • The Default View now shows the golfer's NET score.
  • The Default View can show handicaps as whole numbers, or handicaps with 2 decimal places.
  • If your league plays against the course or field, League Manager no longer shows opposing players/teams on the scorecard screen. No more cluttered scorecard.
  • New menu option to send the "How is Handicap Calculated" report to your website.



League Manager 2004 - New Features

Built in Website Designer

League Manager's new built in Website Designer provides a turn-key solution for placing all your organization's pertinent information on the web. There is no site hosting/server to set up, no username or password to remember, no special software to load, no programming to learn. Publishing your league's website is completely automatic.

This means any report, view, or any information that you would usually print to paper can be placed on your own league's website. The players love it because all of the league's information is at their fingertips on the Internet. All members have online access to reports, league standings, individual standings, game results, schedules, tee times, next round info, handicapping reports, league rules & documents, photos, emails, announcements, etc. Bottom line - any information you wish can appear on your website. And you don't even have to be connected to the Internet to build your website! Build your website offline (not connected to the Internet) and update changes only when you are ready to connect.

Why do I Need a Website?

The question really should be, how can you do without a website?

A website lets you:

  • Provide instant updated information to all your members.
  • Information is available 24 hours a day.
  • Information can be accessed from any computer, anywhere.
You benefit:
  • Saves a tremendous amount of time. Example: Rain is predicted. Will the event be cancelled? How many phone calls will you get? Post an event cancellation notice on your website's homepage.
  • Saves money. Example: Do you send out costly and time-consuming mailings or emails to update information, schedules, pairings, results, etc.? Your website is open 24/7. No need to print out endless copies of reports or send endless emails. Paper, postage, ink and other costs are zero.
  • Reduces errors. Example: A result sheet shows an incorrect score. A member will let you know.
Members benefit:
  • Better informed. Information is just a few clicks away.
  • Members feel better. An informed membership feels included and well-serviced. They feel like they are not "bugging" you all the time.
  • Saves time. Members can get complete, updated information at their convenience.
  • Return on investment. You will be able to give them more for their money. Most people are familiar with and use the Internet regularly. More and more expect information to be available on the web.

Bottom line - your website will streamline your operations and become your greatest asset.


Use Website Designer at Any Level You Wish...


Basic Level

Simply put any report or view on your website and click publish.


Advanced Level

If you want a more sophisticated site, Website Designer lets you create web pages with anything on them and practically any format you wish. And Website Designer offers the flexibility to alter any page to your exact specification. Text can be inserted anywhere. You can use any font size, style, type, alignment, etc. Rows and columns can be added, deleted, and resized. Pictures and graphics can also be inserted. Background colors and font colors can be customized. You can even set hyperlinks to other pages or websites. Insert announcement pages, tournament rules, signup info, favorite links, photo albums, and any other type of documents you wish. You can even import text or Excel sheets to your website.

Built-in Editor

New editor lets you edit any report, view, schedule or sheet. Reports and views can be altered, saved, printed, sent to the web, and retrieved later with all changes saved. The editor works just like Microsoft Excel (spreadsheet program). Text can be inserted, deleted, and edited. You can use any font size, style, type, alignment, etc. Rows and columns can be added, deleted, and resized. Pictures and graphics can also be inserted. Background colors and font colors can be customized. Copy, cut, and paste any text. Basically anything you can do in a spreadsheet can be done to a report, view, or sheet.


Example: The schedule was sent to the editor and changed from...


    >>to this >>    

(generate schedule)                  (schedule being customized in the editor)

Automatically Distribute Prize Money

If your league awards prize money, League Manager can now automatically distribute the purse to any number of places for any type of competition.

  1. Enter the purse and percentage of purse to go to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.
  2. Click OK.

League Manager automatically distributes prize money to each place, breaks the purse across ties, and gives you the option to award prizes based on any type of competition (points, gross, net, putts, etc.). Plus you can award different purses to each flight, or sub group within your league.

New Point Options

Automatically award points for simple gross or net placement (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) across the entire field. If your league has multiple flights, you can also award for placement in each flight or across the entire league.