Handicap System 2004.01 Update

This is a maintenance release of Handicap System 2004 - version 2004.01. To see which version you have, run Handicap System and select ABOUT on the HELP menu. Look below for a list of new items. If any of these interest you, download and install the maintenance release. It will not alter any handicaps already created.

Note: Users of Handicap System versions 5.x, 4.x, 3.x, 2.x, and earlier...this release will not run on your computer. You must be a licensed user of version 2004. See Upgrades to order the latest Handicap System version.


Note: To get updates fast - updates can be downloaded automatically. Run Handicap System and select "Live Update" on the HELP menu.

Download Handicap System 2004.01

  1. Download Handicap System (HS2005.EXE) onto your computer.

  2. Run HS2005.EXE

  3. Install the program.

  4. When you run the program, pull down the Help menu and select About... you should see "Version 2005.0.1" on the screen.


New Features

Version 2004.01 (5-12-04)

  • Problem with saving the "season start date" and other setup info has been fixed.